What The Hell Was I Thinking?

…honestly?  I have no idea.  I’m a crazy person who hates free time, apparently.

This site accounts for roughly 0.0000045% of the backpacking, hiking, and climbing sites in this world (most of which are likely more interesting).  Does there really need to be another?  I’m sure most people would say no — but here’s why they’re wrong.

Through my (admittedly limited) travels, I’ve come across one systemic issue — there’s just too much information.

How can this be a bad thing, you ask?

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with 22 million pieces.  Of a polar bear in a snowstorm.  With no edges.

This is my attempt at helping.

What I -Won’t- Do

  • Give you a mile-by-mile rundown of the hike.  What fun is it if you can’t discover things on your own?

What I -Will- Do

  • Do my best to showcase less traveled trails (get it??).  People suck, right?
  • Provide a consolidated location for information about permits, costs, trail info, etc.
  • Barrage you with amateur photography.


I’m normal.  There…I said it.  So lower your expectations, alright?  I’m not going to quit my job and travel the world for years on end.  I’m not an expert photographer.  I’m going to work long hours, struggle to get to the gym, and rarely take vacations.  I’m going to sometimes be exhausted and unmotivated.

But I’ll still do things.  I’ll go somewhere.  I’ll backpack.  I’ll hike.  I’ll climb.  And I’ll love every step of the way.